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A Place of Honesty, Caring and Excellence

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by and checking me out.  If you are like the vast majority of people, you have never been to a chiropractor before, and you are very skeptical.  I get it and I don’t blame you. I would be skeptical too if I only knew what I’d heard from my doctor, the press, or someone who had a bad experience with a chiropractor.   I have a lot of patients who were once just like you.  However, now those once skeptical folks say they wish they’d gotten help years sooner, and now they tell others about how much they have been helped.

Tell me if  I’ve got this straight.  You want a doctor to listen intently to you. You want a doctor to be honest, and if you can be best helped somewhere else, you don’t want the doctor to waste your time, but to refer you to the professional that can best help you.   You want a doctor to honor you by explaining, to your satisfaction, what your problem is and what the best treatment options are.  You don’t want a cookie cutter approach to care.   You want a doctor who is just as concerned about saving you money as you are.  You want the doctor to treat you exactly like he or she would want to be treated if the doctor was the patient.

How’s that?  In a nut shell, that is what I strive to do with each and every patient.  I understand that I work for you.  I do not know it all, and I have no trouble telling a patient when I am not sure about something, or when they could be better helped by another professional.   I understand that the most valuable thing in my relationship with my patients is TRUST.  I understand that trust is something earned, so I treat my patients in a way that they will consider me worthy of their trust, and I honor that trust in every way, with every patient.

When it comes to painful conditions, my approach is really simple.  Figure out what is not working and fix it!  That’s it.  That may sound like common sense, however I have found this approach to be rare.  What I frequently observe is that doctors look for ways they can use the treatments that they like.  The actual problem may not be best treated with the doctor’s treatment, but that is what the patient gets.

This web-site should give you a good idea of what kinds of things I can help you with.  I am constantly writing new things and putting them on this web site to educate my patients.  Check out the reviews my patients have written about me on Google and Here.  There are a couple of easy ways you can receive my articles free.   You can just enter your email up there on the right under “News”.   I also have everything integrated into social media tools out there like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, so if you are into that stuff let’s connect.  I would love to hear from you!   If you would like to contact me for any reason, I am very accessible so please don’t hesitate.

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